About Company

Connecting Businesses Building Open Unbusy World

We are on a mission – To be a unified platform for businesses.

We are a technology company building secure, trusted, and valuable platforms for businesses. We enable Small and Medium Enterprises to digitally transform and move toward Industry


So, yes, we are moving—several steps ahead, leaping towards the future with an ecosystem for businesses. Our platform is a cloud-based, open-to-business SaaS platform acting as a hub between businesses. We believe information exchange between companies should be end-to-end and straightforward. In addition, transactions should be easy, transparent, and trackable.


One platform to integrate and manage all suppliers

Small & Medium Bossiness

Growing your bussiness just got a lot easier.

Individual / Freelancers

Time is money, and we help you save both


Simple and Easy Integration

A wide range of API end points that you can tap into to access all of Marmin’s features. We help you make your product better.

API Based Integration
SFTP Based Integration
Excel Upload